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5/12/2018 Ticket Purchase
I have two paypal accounts and my payment went to the wrong one. I called and they were so very helpful. Thank You for your help and time !!!
3/6/2018 Ticket Purchase
Havent used my ticket yet. But buying was easy, staff is friendly. They make sure it is you befor finalizing the purchase.
1/23/2018 Hotel Booking
Fairly easy to use, and seemed like good customer service when I had a question, so I should add one more star.
11/7/2017 Ticket Purchase
They were great! The experience was so quick and easy! I did have to call the agent at one point to work something out but she was super friendly and worked it out quickly and efficiently! I was very happy with the results. I would recommend them to anyone!
10/26/2017 Ticket Purchase
Very user friendly.
10/25/2017 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
This was a great find! We saved over $100 off all the other prices we found because there were not any services fees like other sites!
9/28/2017 Ticket Purchase
Easy peasy!
9/23/2017 Ticket Purchase
I appreciate the patience of the various people I spoke with. I was purchasing tickets for 8 people and it was a little scary to decide what they wanted, if they would really show up, how many hotel rooms we needed, etc. The operators were very helpful and kind and after three phone calls (my need, not theirs), we finally got the tickets purchased. The only difficulty I see is that one person dropped out already and I would like to substitute another person. The people I spoke with were very adamant that the tickets are nonrefundable. Hopefully, I'll be able to substitute another person.
9/14/2017 Ticket Purchase
Price was good. Ease of buying on-line.
9/14/2017 Ticket Purchase
Fast and reliable, easy to use
9/13/2017 Ticket Purchase
Your sight was very user friendly.
9/9/2017 Ticket Purchase
inexpensive tickets and easy to order!
8/16/2017 Ticket Purchase
Easy and I saved money.
8/4/2017 Ticket Purchase
Just bought tickets for Warner bros. Tour
7/30/2017 Ticket Purchase
I will use this service again because it was very easy and the discount was great. It made getting tickets to anything so easy and printing then beforehand with no hassle.
7/30/2017 Ticket Purchase
The items purchased were received timely and were inexpensive. I would definitely recommend them.
7/25/2017 Ticket Purchase
The price is good and delivered as promised. Would definitely recommend to friends and families.
7/25/2017 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Took care of everything easily
7/13/2017 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Great prices, easy transaction. I'm assuming everything will go just as great. Excellent rating.
7/5/2017 Ticket Purchase
The initial purchase was great. There was a little delay at Warner Brothers, because they weren't initially sure what to do with the reservation, but I think it was a training issue on WB's part.

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